Twittering, tweeting, texting, tweeps, Twitterverse!

26 Jan

As our technology advances, more and more words that are related to a technology arise. Of course, users are always curious to find out how to properly express themselves when mentioning that technology and often find themselves asking “Is that even a word?” Grammar Girl enlightens those users with a post in which she discusses the proper use of terms related to Twitter and text messaging via cell phone.

While using Twitter, one can observe all different kinds of words that relate directly Twitter. For example, tweet, Twitterville, tweeps, and Twittering. AP (Associated Press) has addressed that since Twitter is a proper noun, those words that associate directly with Twitter such as “Twittering” are to be capitalized. Although the act of Twittering “tweeting” is not to be capitalized, according to AP.

I found it funny that she addressed the word text being used as a verb. It has become such a common word that I did not even think there was anything grammatically incorrect about it.  Grammar Girl states that since “text” has already been used for a certain period of time, people will continue to use it whether or not AP agrees with it.

I would like to know what the AP has to say about “I just Facebooked you” or “Skype me” which are also very widespread phrases.


2 Responses to “Twittering, tweeting, texting, tweeps, Twitterverse!”

  1. mbboulware January 27, 2010 at 3:42 PM #

    That is crazy to think that those terms are professionally acceptable! It just shows how integral theses technologies are becoming in people’s lives. It is interesting to see words like “Twittering” expressed in style-books. I wonder, too, what other words are mentioned in books like the AP. This was a very interesting post!


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