Great! I Cleaned My Copy!

4 Feb

By enrolling in the online course Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and more, provided by News University, I revisited the basics of Grammar, Style, etc. as described by the AP Stylebook. Although, as a junior in college, I was pretty sure that I knew all that I needed to know about style; I was completely wrong! Well, maybe not completely but once I took the pre-test, my weakest points were style and punctuation. I can boast that I am a pretty good speller and sometimes a stickler when it comes to the mistakes of others. I learned that there was so much more detail to style than I thought. In order to memorize all the small details for my future writings, I covered one of my drawers in Post-it notes for easy reference to things I am not sure of like when to abbreviate highways and interstates.

Something that surprised me was the list of commonly misspelled words (I made a list for reference as well). I found myself saying “What?! I’ve been spelling that word wrong all along!”

 Another thing I caught myself on was adding a comma to the word before ‘and’ in a list. According to the AP Stylebook, there is to be no comma before ‘and’ but growing up have always included the comma.

Overall, the NewsU course was very informative and basically filled my brain to the capacity of style, grammar and punctuation that it could contain. I currently cannot think of something else that I want to learn about in reference to the rules of the AP Stylebook but I am very sure that there is LOTS more to learn.


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