Writing; Only One Aspect of Public Relations

6 Feb

Chapter One Notes:Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis Wilcox

Getting Organized for Writing

Journalist                                                                   Public Relations Writer


Hired to gather/synthesize                            Hired to communicate with an

information.                                                     audience via the news, etc.

Targets those who subscribe or                   Usually employed by public

are regular viewers of the news                  relations firms, corporations,

organization.                                                    non-profits, etc.

Writes for one audience.                        Can write for totally different people.


Essentials for a Public Relations Writer

The chapter describes some writing guidelines that a public relations writers should be aware of. There are also guidelines such as “Write with Your Ear,” which explains how, when read aloud, the word should work “in terms of rhythm and pacing.” (25)

It also details the aspects that a writer should be aware of within their society. For example, in the United States there is a big issue about writing or speaking politically incorrect language. The chapter emphasizes that writers should consider being politically correct because if not, one could lose readers, listeners, or one’s job. 

Chapter One Notes:Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis Wilcox


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