Motivating Audiences by Persuasion

8 Feb

To persuade, according to

is to induce to believe by appealing to reason or understanding; convince.

Theories of Communication as a Public Relations Writer:

Fulfilling Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in a story. All audiences are looking for their needs to be satisfied, so writers must focus on fulfilling them.

Framing: Making the story appealing to the maximum audience. The goal of framing is to interest the maximum amount of people in order to get the story or information across.

Factor in Persuasive Writing

Audience Analysis
Any writer must be familiar with who their audience is in order to cater to their needs. Channeling is a method for a writer to get to know their readers’ beliefs attitudes, etc.

Source Credibility
A writer’s message has to be credible in order for audiences to develop a trust for a writer and continue to read their information.
Celebrities are at times used to promote a product or message because the public is familiar with who they are. If a celebrity is willing to attach their name to a specific message it must be true.

Message clarity is essential to avoid confusion, etc.

Examples aid audiences to better understand a statement, situation, etc.


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