How NOT to Get Sued as a PR Practitioner

11 Feb

As a PR professional, one is held accountable for the communication of a certain corporation to their publics. One must be aware of the many legal hassles and how to avoid them.

Today the term used among the courts is defamation. If a person or corporation is defamed and can provide proof of that defamation, they are able to sue. Even if a certain corporation’s name was not mentioned but can be easily identified by the description provided, that corporation still has the right to sue for defamation.

Some tips are:

  • “Watch your language”
  • Never go into details as to why an employee was let go. Simply state they left “to pursue other interests,” etc.
  • Avoid publicizing defaming photos of personnel, embarassing them, etc.
  • Do not state comments that are not flattering to a certain product, service, etc.
  • Don’t state that your product is the “best” unless that opinion has a name attached to it.
  • Do not invade privacy.
  • Do not violate copyrights. Always credit creators.
  • Protect registere trademarks by using the symbol below:


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