Super Bowl XLIV Commercials

14 Feb

On the long awaited Sunday on which the Super Bowl takes place, football fans and non-football fans gathered around a television with their pizzas, chips, dip, etc. Viewers expected to be entertained by a great football game as well as the million dollar commercials, $2.8 million for a 30 second spot in 2010, according to Wikipedia also informs that the Super Bowl XLIV broke the record for the most watched TV program in United States history (153.4 million viewers).

Although I am not certain of how many people actually watch the Super Bowl for the football, I, personally, enjoy the commercials more than the football game. Being a Volkswagen lover, I was automatically amused by the PunchDub commercial.

Since we are reminded of the days when we punched people every time we saw a Volkswagen drive by, Volkswagen aimed their advertisement at those who hold those moments as dear to their hearts. Since many people can relate to the PunchDub game, Volkswagen reminded viewers of the game by depicting humorous scenes of people playing such as the woman on the way to give birth punching her husband, the child punching his grandfather, and Stevie Wonder punching someone and not revealing how he knows that at Volkswagen is driving by.

It was definitely an amusing commercial since viewers had flashbacks as well as were introduced to Volkswagen’s 2010 line of automobiles. Most of Volkswagen’s commercials tend to be humorous and I always look forward to watching new ones.

This is one of my favorite Volkswagen commercials.


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