Information Graphics

1 Apr

An information graphic is also known as an infographic and is basically self-explanatory. They are graphics that deliver some sort of information. The textbook defines inforgraphics as computer-generated artwork that attractively displays simple graphics and charts.

Below is the Nerd Venn Diagram:

Infographics are designed to make it easier for people to understand a description or procedure. They also consume less time than having to read an entire black and white description. With helpful images and colors, people happily learn about what’s described in an infographic and can picture what it would look like.

Infographics are beneficial for one’s client because they give people a well-rounded idea about the description, product, procedure, etc. An infographic can also grab one’s attention because it stands out among plain text. Infographics definitely assist visual learners in capturing the message that is being delivered.

Infographics can be made by using Microsoft Office or Adobe InDesign or Illustrator. These programs are capable of creating diagrams, renderings, scale models, line drawings and clip art. Some can be very simple but others can be extremely creative and artistic.

Below is an infographic on the typical student budget from Westwood College:

Student Budget


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