Selecting Publicity Photos & Graphics

1 Apr

Publicity photos serve to add interest and easy explanations for readers. By simply including a photo in an article, the readers automatically become attracted to the reading.

What makes a good photo?

More people prefer seeing a story through a photograph over reading the text of the story.

“Motion and still images are valuable.Somebody might not read the story, but they’ll recall the images.” -Amanda Watlington

One must keep in mind that photos will only be published by newspapers if they are high resolution images. They must have good contrast and sharp detail.

Factors to Consider When Submitting a Photo:

  • Show perspectives in the image so that viewers can know the size of the product.
  • Show product in the environment that it would typically be used in.
  • Always include a caption that explains the image.
  • Never include more than three or four people in a photograph. (Group photos can be tacky.)
  • The image should show action and avoid poses such as the grip and grin.

  • Tight images with minimal background look professional and focus on the subject.
  • Don’t include subjects who are wearing sunglasses

Writing Photo Captions:

A caption is the text below the image that describes the situation, introduces people in the picture, etc.

They are usually two to four lines long.

An extended version of a caption is used when accompanied by a photo in a Photo News Release.


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