Podcasts and PR

3 Apr

For Immediate Release: Hobson & Holtz Report #539 04/01/10 TOW 12

The April Fool’s Day FIR podcast discussed the aspects of the ways in which social media can serve companies. That can be in a good or terrible way. Here are some examples:

Internal Communication Podcasts

Instead of wasting paper in order to release a newsletter that not many employees will actually read, why not attempt to make an audio report?

As an employee, I would love to be able to hear the voice of the Chief Executive Officer of my company updating me about what things are going on within the company. After viewing memo after memo after memo, employees become very familiar with the trash can/recycle bin (hopefully) as they visit it often to get rid of the overwhelming memos.

Hearing the CEO of a company speaking to you makes employees aware of the human aspect of the company. No matter how great and powerful one’s company may be, employees still need to feel like they are working with humans not robots or machinery.

Some advice that was provided for companies who would like to try internal podcasting is as follows:

Since most companies don’t have access to RSS, or are not familiar with it, they can email the employees a link to it.

One thing companies would want to shy away from is attaching the podcast as an MP3 file since it would send too much data at once and potentially become a disaster.

An interesting thing that was mentioned was:

A weight scale that weighs you and connects to the internet and tweets your weight! (hold you accountable and keeps you honest) Others can watch your progress as well and may even encourage you.

Facebook Fan Pages for Companies/Corporations:

Why do people become fans?

  • Some a really fans
  • Others enjoy posting negative content
  • Thrifty people look out for coupons
  • Some enjoy taking advantage of promotions, etc.

If a privately owned company controls your advertising, you are basically at their mercy.

FB attempts to remove profiles that are not authentic.

Am I a brand?

The term personal branding might confuse some but is simply referred to as one’s reputation.

One’s reputation may be displayed through social media via:

  • Profiles such as LinkedIn (provide recommendations, no room for “disses” like on Facebook.)
  • Being Googled

These are thing that potential employers make sure that they take a look at.

To avoid any issues, there are those who purposely misspell their names so they can gain some privacy.

The internet gives people the access to post about people without their acknowledgment via sites such as:

Podcasts are very helpful in delivering news to PR people because one can listen to them while driving, cooking, or simply working on something else. In our multi-tasking generation, it is very difficult to have a seat and focus on solely one article about a new PR issue. Most of the podcasts are free and provide quick information and discussions on topics that PR people should be aware of. PR students can become even more knowledgeable and connected once they are able to learn about an issue, product, etc. and discuss it with a PR professional. That interaction may lead to developing a relationship that can bring benefits such as recommendations, internships, and potential employment.


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