Confused Fools on April Fool’s Day?

14 Apr
Comments on Kelli Matthews' Short Term “Gain” for Long Term Damage… April Fool’s!

Kelli Matthews shared that she was very gullible and that she wasn’t really a big fan of April Fool’s Day.

I’m sure that there are many people just like her that tend to have a trust towards certain people, companies, etc. and believe what they say. There are those who simply cannot take a joke and are left confused and in doubt when tricks are played on them.

On April Fool’s Day many companies sent out fake press releases playing a joke on everyone. One of the more popular ones was when Google turned itself into I am sure that many people found it outrageous but believable. I can imagine people thinking that Topeka wouldn’t be as catchy as Google is. But then again, there are those who had no idea what had happened and never got the chance to “Topeka” anything.

In Matthews’ case, the Eugene Emeralds, her local minor league baseball team, released news that Jeremiah Masoli would be pitching for them next season. For those that aren’t really interested in the Emeralds, the news was  pointless. There must have been those who were excited or bummed about the fake news release and some people get upset and angry when an organization lies. I think people would become more upset if they lied only to play a joke on them. Most people simply dislike the fact that they have become an April Fool.

It is true that a lot of organizations/people are trying to get into the news and jokes like these waste the opportunity for those who want to share their factual and important news. Some people giggle and enjoy the jokes but others just dislike the lying of companies who expected to be deemed reliable. It is important to have a sense of humor but that would work out a whole lot better if people knew that they were supposed to be laughing.

For those who can’t joke well, April Fool’s jokes are a no-no.


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