Attractive Ways to Tell a Story

19 Apr

Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling at NewsUniversity

Multimedia story telling continues to become more and more popular because they are easy to learn from. One does not have to spend a long time reading an article in black and white in order to learn from them.

In order to tell a story using multimedia, one has to know the story and decide which of the following elements will best depict story to the viewer:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Animations
  • Graphics
  • Maps
  • Text

With the perfect blend of each of the elements above, the viewer should be able to understand the story in several aspects.

By making a storyboard, one is practically sketching out what the story will play out like. This helps towards an effective multimedia story.

Once the storyboard is complete, one has to pack the backpack that will have all the items that will successfully capture the story.

Basically multimedia storytelling is pretty simple to accomplish if one can tie in all the elements necessary to tell an interesting story and to depict to the viewer how it works, looks, sounds, etc.

An ideal example of multimedia storytelling is shown in Paula Messina’s Web site.

I would like to learn about the types of programs there are to allow for one to easily create a multimedia tale. Perhaps, a website or program that can teach beginners the basics of putting together a multimedia news release.


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