How to Write E-mail and Memos

22 Apr

Simply by having a Facebook, Twitter and E-mail account, one can be overwhelmed with text to read. Imagine what public relations personnel feel each time that their inbox AND voicemail box is full.

When composing an e-mail, memo or the like, be brief and avoid all extra rambling.

Follow these guidelines:

  1. Clarity
  2. Completeness
  3. Conciseness
  4. Correctness
  5. Courtesy
  6. Responsibility

When writing an e-mail, make sure that you language is not too formal or too similar to spontaneous conversation. Always be as brief as possible.

The format should be as follows:

  • Subject line
  • Salutation
  • First sentence or Paragraph
  • Body of Message
  • Closing

Memos should always be specific and straight to the point.

The format of a memo is as follows:

  • Date
  • To
  • From
  • Subject
  • Message

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