Twitter to the Rescue!

23 Apr

Review of How Social Media Helped Travelers During the Iceland Volcano Eruption

The recent eruption of the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajokull (I can’t pronounce it either!), caused distress to arise all over Iceland. Airlines saw their losses flashing before their eyes as flights were postponed not only hours, but days!

The traditional thing to do when one’s flight gets delayed, cancelled, postponed, etc., is call the airline’s toll-free phone number. As thousands of people were tying up the phone lines, JL Pagano, from Ireland, decided to tweet about the situation. By using the hashtag #ashtag, the airlines were able to contact those who had scheduled flights and were able to update the passengers on their flight status.

For the full article, visit Mashable.

In this situation, one can notice how the Internet has revolutionized our life style. Social media has brought benefits such as developing relationships with others from the comfort of your home or cell phone, to major corporations contacting their consumers to inform them of pertinent information.

It is so smart for companies to use social media because they are reaching out to their consumers. When trying to deliver an image about a company or product, companies need to know their audience. Since consumers are using social media, it seems obvious that companies should use social media as well.

Although some people see social media as a waste of time, events like the one mention above simply prove the practical uses of social media. We all need to learn to love social media because it is the way to go in our day in age. Soon we will no longer be required to refer to it as social media but it will simply be media because it is so revolutionary.

Get involved with the social media revolution!


8 Responses to “Twitter to the Rescue!”

  1. echertha April 24, 2010 at 3:30 PM #

    This is a great example of how using Twitter could be a positive thing to do. I personally did not like Twitter and do not think I will use it for awhile, however, reasons like this make me double think the use of it. I think it is a smart thing that someone knew to think that Twitter was a huge way to connect with people, and they went on there and did what they needed to in order to get people the information that no one else might of been able to get them.
    Great post and great example of a benefit of Twitter!

  2. gilboy629 April 29, 2010 at 12:00 AM #

    Erin how could you not like twitter?? lol well I love twitter!! and this post is just one example of how twitter could be useful. An example of how twitter was extremely helpful to me was when our Public Relations Class was canceled and we did not receive an email however our teacher did tweet about there not being class, and this allowed me to get some extra sleep, and everyone knows extra sleep is good. So yes! Twitter is a great way to catch up on information.

  3. matthewcaudill April 30, 2010 at 4:22 PM #

    Despite how destructive volcanic eruptions seem, and the damage they may cause, they are quite beautiful, if a bit violent. In any case, I despise Twitter….but it does occasionally have it’s uses.

    However, I can’t imagine this is anything more than a fluke. With how many times I’ve seen the “fail whale” because twitter is down, I can’t imagine that in a larger emergency, Twitter would be useful in the least.

  4. ecologne April 30, 2010 at 8:21 PM #

    Good post. I wasn’t even aware of this eruption when it happened– sometimes being at Southeastern and having so much work can cause various forms of seclusion where the only news you hear is campus news. Once I did hear about the volcano though I immediately started looking up pictures and information about it. Thank God it wasn’t as destructive as volcanoes have been in the past, but it did provide some great shots for photographers. I saw a slideshow on CNN that was pretty incredible, if you wanted to check it out, but Twitter has proved itself to be good for one thing, and that’s finding information. I’d have to agree with Erin on that subject.


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