Top 10 Things that New Bloggers Should Know

29 Apr

At the beginning of the Spring semester at Southeastern University, I had no intention of ever having a blog of my own. However, when I began taking my PR Writing class, we were required to blog!

It is extremely intimidating to begin a blog, especially if because new bloggers feel like no one will ever want to read what they wrote. Here are 10 tips that will help you out when blogging for Barbara Nixon‘s PR Writing class, and in general.

1)Be confident in what you post-write for your future subscriber. If you don’t put interest into your posts, no one will ever be interested in reading them!

2)Keep your blog updated-The more blog posts you have, the more likely your blog is to show up on a Google search. This will help you gain a solid amount of subscribers and boost your overall self-esteem as a blogger.

3)Incorporate media in your posts-Use the internet! With the use of images, videos, hyperlinks and audio clips, your blog posts appear to be more appealing than a post with plain text would be.

4)Be sure to comment frequently-Commenting lets others display their opinions and it also builds community in the “blogosphere.” The more you comment, the more likely people are to link back to your blog and your blog becomes more popular. If you are required to post 25 in total for PR Writing class, you want to comment several times a week! Do not forget about your comments or else you will be overwhelmed at the end of the semester.

5)Be sure to spell, punctuate, etc. correctly-When a potential employer “googles” you, they are able to see how good of a writer you are by reading your blog posts. Be professional and make sure to proofread your posts in order to not only get a good grade, but also to prevent obnoxious words being posted by accident.

6)Tell people about your blog (I almost spelled blob!)-Have your friends, co-workers and other acquaintances check your blog out. You can post links to your blog on social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, PROpenMic, and Facebook. The more times that your blog is viewed, it is more likely to appear higher on the search engine results.

7)Think about topics that you would like to start a “real blog” about-Some advice that I received from Lisa B. Marshall was to blog about something that you are truly passionate about. Your passion will show through your writing and you readers will enjoy your posts.

8)Make blogging a habit-After a few weeks of blogging for the PR Writing course, you will either love or hate it. Hopefully you will love it and want to continue blogging. Perhaps about a different topic. By making blogging a habit, your subscribers will be happy to receive frequent posts on material that they are interested in.

9)Choose an overall blog theme-My favorite so far is the kitchen/coffee shop feeling blogs. A colorful page is attractive to the eye.

10)Have fun-make blogging become something that you love and you will enjoy it. Readers enjoy blogs that seem passionate yet informational.


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