Technology Does it Again!

30 Apr

We all know that one older person that simply refuses to use any sort of technology simply because they prefer “the real way of doing things.” Personally, I believe that older people can catch on to the technological revolution and actually learn to enjoy it. Of course, it takes time to adapt to the ease of these devices, but after practice, anyone can enjoy technology. At times it may even be able to solve some problems and make life a lot easier.

A 99-year old woman suffering from glaucoma was unable to read because of her disability. When the iPad was released, she purchased one because she can read books on it while being able to adjust the font size as well as the brightness of the screen.

Check out the now viral video of Virginia Campbell enjoying her iPad because it has giver her the ability to read again. It is very new to her but she appears to be willing to learn to adapt to the technology of the iPad.


2 Responses to “Technology Does it Again!”

  1. taraparker1 April 30, 2010 at 11:38 PM #

    This is awesome Whitney thanks for sharing. It is true that a lot of older people dismiss technology as too hard or complicated to understand but what a testimony that it could be used for good. It is so neat to see that technology is also leading to some good in our society. Just think, this is also a great advertisement for Apple, it can help people with glaucoma read? How many corporations can say that? There is always negative news that’s being circulated it’s nice to hear about something happy every once in a while – thanks for posting!


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