Job Interviews To-Go?

11 May

I recently had an interview for an internship via Skype. Prior to my awareness of job interviews via Skype, I used to wonder how people could move from state to state or country to country depending on taking up a job without having met the boss yet.

By interviewing via Skype, one can connect to people all around the world and it is more personal than a phone interview. Now job interviews aren’t only for those who live near the potential employment location, people from all around the world may qualify. This only applies if the employer is comfortable with the use of technology such as Skype for their interviewing process.

Interviewing via Skype is rather comforting for me because if there is ever a case in which I have to drastically change the location of my home, I can also qualify for a job by interviewing online. This is great for individuals who are spontaneous and enjoy moving to different areas.

The possibilities are just about endless!


One Response to “Job Interviews To-Go?”

  1. smkelly8 May 23, 2011 at 10:36 PM #

    I’ve interviewed with jobs in China, Cambodia, Korea while in other countries. I tutor a high school student in Kandahar on Skype.

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