Technology and I

15 Jun

Computers were in the school library when I began grade school. We used to use the colorful Macintosh desktop computers that all the children loved because of the fun colors. We used them mainly to play “educational” games and all of the students enjoyed the technology.

Although I never owned my own pager, it was fun to use the landline phone, in order to page my dad. I remember repeatedly paging him and inserting a ‘9-1-1’ after our home number so he would call back quickly.

When I was younger technology was seen as more of a means of entertainment but currently, just about everyone has developed a dependency on some sort of technology. Take for example jotting down a few thoughts (as I’m doing right now), most people would open up their word processor on their computer and begin to type as opposed to pulling out a paper and a pen and handwriting them.

When technology first began to reach consumers, it felt as though everyone was in awe at what the special gadget was capable of doing no matter how many silly and corky steps were required in order to make it work properly.

I remember when we first got our dial-up internet with AOL that required for us to refrain from using the landline phone in order to hear a series of strange sounds for a few minutes in order to establish and internet connection. A webpage took ages to load up and users happily waited in order to connect themselves to a global network. Considering the fact that most current internet users have high-speed internet, the amounts of complaints still continue. Although a few years ago people waited several minutes simply to view a few pages on the internet, people begin to sigh and whine if they have to wait more than 10 seconds for a page to load.

Now people want technology to work for their benefit. They are no longer worried about developing new things but rather into making what they currently have easier and more comfortable to use. I have become so reliant on the internet that I google any random doubt that crosses my mind. I think the ease of accessing the internet has made me become scatter-minded because I has so much information at my fingertips. When I finally get back to what I was doing I have at least five windows and twenty tabs open.

I think that people need to take the time to step back from their usual desk space, whether that be an actual desk, couch, or even a bed, and appreciate how convenient their lives have become thanks to technology. It is extremely convenient to receive one’s email (work and personal) and social network notifications to one’s cellular phone but I, at times, enjoy putting my phone aside and simply staring at the sky. Maybe even reflect on the ways that technology has affected one’s life and overall, be grateful.


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