Why Should I Comment on Your Blog?

10 Sep

Comments are an extremely important part of blogging because they are helpful, they boost confidence and they create an online community.

If you read a blog post and see either something you can add to the post or an error or inaccuracy, you are able to comment and say so. The author of the blog will appreciate that you read their post (first of all) and that you care enough to provide feedback. If they do choose to write something on your comment, you might receive a “pingback” thanking you for your comment. When commenting on an inaccuracy or disagreement, make sure you always include a positive comment prior to your critique in order to prevent hostility.

If an author sees that comments are being posted to their blog, that means that people are reading their posts. It boosts the author’s esteem as a blogger and makes them think about their readers more than a blogger that doesn’t receive any comments.

“Pingbacks,” as previously mentioned,  are links to other blogger’s page. Aside from making blogging more fun, they also create an online community. It also drives more traffic to both pages. If your favorite blogger links to another blog, you are most likely going to click on that link and check the other blog out.

Don’t be afraid to comment on blogs. Your opinion is requested. Blogs should be interactive!


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