Social Media: Friend or Foe?

20 Sep

When considering becoming involved in social media in order to reach consumer audiences, a Chief Executive Officer of a company may become nervous of results. They might think that they might be subject to criticism which could make the company look bad or they may fear that social media will take up too much time and cause them to become overwhelmed.

I believe that CEOs at times fear because they are not well informed of the world of social media. They must simply dive in and explore.

One concern that is rather widespread is that if companies allow the use of social media, it will result in a lack of productivity. One thing that Mark Ragan said is that as he walks down the halls at his company, he finds employees watching YouTUBE videos or chatting with college friends. Employees should be getting paid for working not for social networking. Perhaps CEOs could benefit from a brief overview on social media:

Social media is a method through which companies and their consumers can develop relationships. Instead of just being someone who buys a product, consumers are able to feel like they are being taken into consideration when the company makes changes, such as discontinuing a product, or releasing something new. Overall, social media, when used by a company, builds a community.

When creating a blog for a company, the main writer does not have to be the CEO, although it would be beneficial for the CEO to post every now and then. Employees are able to collaborate on the blog and depict the company as being personalized as opposed to simply a big name printed on a product.

A good point in the podcast was that there is no line where work stops and life begins and no line where life stops and work begins. Life and work is now intertwined because of the benefits of social media, technology, etc.


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