Tweet for a Week

27 Sep

Since I am already active on Twitter, the One Week of Twitter Assignment was very easy for me to do. Actually, it didn’t feel like an assignment at all because I have learned to love it. I am still learning how to appropriately tweet from a PR perspective.

It was nice to see all my classmates on Twitter and learning about it. I really love Twitter and believe that it is an amazing social networking tool and is great for making connections. I feel like Twitter is very personal and it makes, not only celebrities, but that Public Relations Professional that you’d like to work for seem personable.

My PR list on Twitter is basically my public relations news feed. I obtain access to interesting information very easily. It is faster than searching PR blogs individually for information that will keep me posted on the PR world.

My Twitter Account is: WhitneyGonzalez

I also manage:

@SEU_Times (student publications)


@SEU_FPRA (PR Club) so feel free to follow!

I occasionally use the Twitter web interface but I usually use TweetDeck because it allows me to organize my lists into columns which makes it easier for me to view all important tweets. It is very user-friendly and keeps you organized. I bet TweetDeck will make it easier for Twitter newbies to develop a love for Twitter.

If you are finding it difficult to enjoy Twitter, try following people that either entertain you, benefit you and inspire you.


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