Why Should I Listen to Podcasts?

29 Oct


I listened to a few episodes of Inside PR for my research of why college students should listen to podcasts. Inside PR is released every Wednesday and is hosted by Martin Waxman (Toronto), Gini Dietrich (Chicago) and  Joseph Thornley (Ottawa).

Inside PR basically analyses everything new and changing in the public relations field. Topics get tossed around and each host gives their opinion and shares their experiences with the topic.

One of the podcasts that I listened to talked about internal communications. It talked about the importance of having the CEO of the company involved in the internal communications so that the employees feel like they are working for a human being not for a robot.

It is important that students listen to podcast so they are aware of topics like the above, that will become relevant to them as they are attempting to obtain a job in public relations. Surely, a lot of the things discussed in a professional PR podcast might not directly apply to a student who is simply taking PR classes but when the time comes to interview for a job, the student might regret not listening to the podcasts.

Another reason that it is important to listen to podcasts is to learn about the everyday life of a PR professional. They can help you understand if you are aiming for a career in a field that you will truly enjoy.


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