Tips on Presenting

18 Nov

1) Use Visuals

It is extremely important to use visuals during presentations because it helps your listeners not only stay focused on what your saying, but it also gives them a picture that they can remember.

2) Use Colors

When using a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation, be sure to use colors that attract attention but that are not irritating to the eye.

3) Move Around

It is important that you refrain from hiding behind a podium, etc. Use the space around you and do not be afraid to physically point something out on the screen.

4) Maintain Good Eye Contact

Eye contact delivers not only confidence, but also shows that you know a lot about your topic.

5) Speak Up!

It is important that you speak up while presenting because people shouldn’t have to lean forward in order to be able to hear you. If being able to listen to you requires so much effort, people would rather tune out.

6) Use Bullet Points

Be sure not to write out your presentation on your Powerpoint slides. Use bullet points as reminders to cover everything that you intend on covering. Then you can naturally speak from what you know as opposed to reading a slide word for word and losing eye contact with your audience.

7) Dress Appropriately

The way you dress will determine how seriously your audience will take you. You can also be creative and relate what you wear to your presentation. For example, if you have a presentation on the 1920s, use attire that is inspired by that era.

8)Encourage Interactivity

Ask questions to your audience and include them in your presentations. Use volunteers for demonstrations, etc.

9) Be Enthusiastic

If you chose to speak on a certain topic, make sure that you deliver the fact that you actually enjoy the topic. If you don’t exercise enthusiasm, your audience certainly won’t.

10) Always Allow Time for Questions

You must finish your presentation with a concluding statement and then allow your audience to ask questions.


2 Responses to “Tips on Presenting”

  1. mikefromva December 2, 2010 at 9:17 PM #

    I really like how you made it short and sweet as far as the title of each tip goes. These are wonderful tips, and I really liked number nine, be enthusiastic. I have always heard how is a customer going to be excited about a product if the salesperson is dull and boring. That is also so true with presenting something, being stiff and stern won’t produce results, and your presentation won’t be affective.


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