Corporate Public Relations: Top 10

2 Dec

1) Opportunities Are Everywhere

Connections can be made everywhere you go so it is always important that you be prepared to be professional. Tweets may even connect with a PR practitioners in Sprint who can let you conduct a project with a Sprint phone.

2) Networking is Key

You must always be ready to meet people. Always be friendly and follow up with the people that you meet.

3) Your Portfolio is Online

Potential employers will always browse the internet for information about you. Make sure that your internet activity only benefit your career. It should show off your skill in using social media as well as your writing skills.

4) Public Relations is Always Changing

Most professors say that, in any communications field, what you learned in classes will have already changed and updated by the time you graduate. You have to be willing to learn continually about what is going on in the PR world.

5) Listen to Podcasts

Learn from the professionals that are already in the PR field. The best part is that it is free advice!

6) Crises are Bound to Happen

When working in a corporation, you must always have a plan to remain in control in the event of a crisis.

7) Be a Great Speaker

As a communicator, you must be able to speak well. Make sure you deliver clear and concise messages to your audiences.

8 ) Always Practice Your Writing

In PR, writing is vital. People will judge your skills simply by looking at your writing because it is so essential.

9) Maintain a Good Image

As a student, it is important to act as though you are already a professional in the PR field. For example, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

10) Build Relationships with your Consumers

With the ease of interactivity in today’s society, it is important to go out of your way to build relationships with those who are paying for your product or service. This guarantees loyalty and satisfaction.


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