The Social Media I Use

26 Jan

This is the third time around that I share what kinds of social media I use. Now that I have explored the various kinds of social media and public relations methods within social media, I can describe what I use each social media for.

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I’ve had a facebook profile since I was 17 years old. It was basically the transition from high school to college or Myspace to facebook, (By the way, when I signed up, you still needed a college email address). I mainly use facebook to interact with my friends from everywhere from elementary school to church to college. I occasionally “like” companies for specials and giveaways. I’ve also used facebook Pages in order to promote a club or organization such as The Southeastern Times student newspaper and FPRA Southeastern University Chapter. I am still exploring the many methods of interacting with “likers” but I have learned a lot from the approaches of pages such as Magnet Street Weddings and Sleep Number who not only share the deals they are currently featuring but who also encourage “liker” participation in contests, giveaways and questions. Some even provide informational articles that relate to the page.


Oh Twitter, it took me a while to understand you. Twitter is basically what you want it to be. It can be anything from your newsfeed or your business card. At first, I followed breaking news accounts and celebrity accounts in order to take information in but I really didn’t give much back. I found that the use of Twitter is more enjoyable when there is interaction involved. If I were to ask a question about something, for example: What is the best place to eat in Atlanta, GA? By doing so, I contact all of my followers. This is where I learned about hashtags (#). If I were to attach the hashtag #ATL to that question, I would get responses from anyone who follows that hashtag which would give me answers from those who know more of Atlanta than I did. So now I enter contests, meet fellow PR students/pros, research, etc. It is a world of endless possibilities. Anyone can love Twitter, you just have to tweak it and make it work for you.

Skype ID: whitney.gonzalez

I rarely use Skype anymore because I’m only and hour away from home but it was beneficial for me last summer when I was doing a virtual internship. I was interviewed via Skype and our weekly meetings took place on Skype and programs such as ooVoo and iChat.

LinkedIn is basically a professionals only facebook. Your resume can be posted online as well as what you are currently working as. You can post status updates and link to you Twitter account. I usually just keep my resume up to date and it looks very good as one of the search results when my name is googled.


I know social media is continually growing and expanding but I’m trying my best to keep up!!


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