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February 2, 2011

Blogs and Comments by Stacia

This is a great post. I love the example you gave of a blog without comments being like a classroom with only one student. I had never thought of it that way. By blogging, we attempt to inform the world of our lives and endeavours and, in turn, by the use of comments, one can also learn about how someone else has experienced the very same thing we’ve  discussed. It is an awesome cycle of learning and sharing of opinions. I also believe that you only get as much as you give in reference to blogging and commenting on blogs.

Comment #2

February 2, 2011

Ward White’s Career Path Provides Tips For Landing Your First Job by culpwrit

This is an excellent post. I have been studying job hunting and interviewing tips since I will be a college graduate in May 2011. It can be extremely intimidating when tryin to land that first job and I’m feeling the pressure already. Some of the questions that arise within me are: “How early should I start applying for jobs? How do I know who the right people to meet are?, etc.”

I always try to “do my homework” on employers that I’m trying to work for by researching their mission statement, company values, etc. in order to be able to assure them, and myself, that I am the candidate that they are in search for.

I love the phrase that says that we are not in the public relations field but we are in the public relationships field and that is extremely true. I’m trying my best to meet people that can not only teach me a lot about the field, but even be my potential employer.

Thanks for sharing this!

Comment #3

February 5, 2011

Is Social Media Monitoring Ethical? by Lindsay Short

Thanks for this post Lindsay. People have the right to post their opinions all over the web. Basically, companies apply the old saying “if you can’t beat them, join them.” I think that it’s awesome that you mentioned that companies such as Jive and Trackur offer services that help companies monitor what is being said about them so they can then be able to address the things that need to be addressed. I usually use Google Alerts in order to see what gets posted about me. It’s pretty effective! Happy social media monitoring…

Comment #4

February 5, 2011

Jumping in with Both Feet by Laurie Lea

This is a great post! It is always intimidating to try new things and go down an unknown path but great things can come from doing so. You never know what you are missing out on! I love that you are able to share this personal experience of yours and say that you are glad that you learned about blogging and its many opportunities. I believe that the internet will always be overwhelming and have a million things that we can’t keep up with but the important thing is to acknowledge that. I wonder what it will be like in several decades! Thanks for this post, you are an excellent writer!

Comment #5

February 5, 2011

PR Education Grows in Importance by Ron Culp

I completely agree with this blog post. I love this quote from Ellin: “Working in the newsroom does not prepare you for a job in public relations.” Some people just assume that public relations and journalism, etc. are the same thing. Thanks to Ellin’s experience, people may know that the fields aren’t equal.  I was once told that I didn’t really need a degree in public relations but that field experience would be equivalent to such a degree. I believe that my education in public relations gives me the appropriate preparation for a career in the public relations field. Too many people jump into PR jobs from the media industry and expect it to be the same.

Comment #6

March 24, 2011

Podcasting potential. by Laurie Lea

I totally agree that we have way too much information at our fingertips. I’ve heard it said that our generation has access to way more information than one could ever process in a lifetime. I really enjoy listening to podcast because I am able to hear other people discuss topics that are relevant to public relations, etc. At times, I feel like I am a part of the conversation and I literally can become a part of the conversation by submitting my comments and the podcasters will address it within their next podcast. I drive way too much and, instead of listening to music, I’ve gotten into the habit of listening to podcasts. I recently got an iPhone which makes it super easy to download podcasts so I go on downloading sprees. It’s multitasking at its best! Thanks for this post!

Comment #7

March 28, 2011

Women Are Better at Everything- Even the Internet by Melissa Rodriguez

I love this post! Women deserve more credit than they receive for their contribution to online communities. Women also dominate the public relations industry, which keeps my hopes for finding a job high. Some say that the women that spend more time on Facebook are attention-deprived but the majority of women are using Facebook in a completely different way than men are. We are actually making our Facebook use valuable. A woman’s ability to keep relationships combined with her ability of navigating and understanding the online world makes her abilities extremely beneficial for companies who want to grow their social media presence. Just sayin’. Sorry guys, women may just truly be the superior sex :) . No hard feelings.

Comment #8

March 28, 2011

Social Media and Businesses: BFFs by Alexa Linn Gardner

Great Post! I agree that businesses and social media should be BFF’s. I like the way you phrased that by companies being on social media sites, they are on the same level as the customer. I believe that this makes the company seem more approachable and up-to-date since, I believe, that social media is a standard. I think all companies should jump on the social media wagon and join the conversation that is being had by their customers about their brand. Social media is the cheapest advertising out there, why not give it a try?

Comment #9

Facebook vs. Twitter by Emily Yehia

I don’t think that I would be able to choose between Facebook and Twitter. Although they are basically two social media giants, in my opinion, they are each entirely different from each other. My Facebook used to be composed of most of my real-life connections but now I follow brands, companies, etc. Twitter is an entirely different story. On Twitter, I follow very few friends that I have met in real life. Rather, I follow professionals in the field that I would like to work in. I see Twitter as a feed of news that is relevant to you. You can also join the conversation whenever you like. When you first get started with Twitter, it may seem like it is too simple but once you learn a little bit more about it, you will discover its valuable features.

Comment #10

March 29, 2011

Monitor Check-In and Review Sites to Boost Business by Megan Fazio

This is a great point and it brings out a valid point. Most of your customers are satisfied with your business but nothing fuels them to write a review more than a negative experience. I think your list of suggestions for businesses to make social media work for them is great. I look places such as restaurants, etc. up on review sites and the percentage of bad reviews of one particular can lead me to continue my search for the restaurant I’ll be taking someone to. As most consumers are, I’m guilty of not leaving positive reviews when they are deserved. I think eBay does a great job at reminding people to post reviews by sending an email after someone has received their order.

Comment # 11

Cut Your Cable and Keep Your Laptops by Melissa Rodriguez

April 11, 2011

You have a good point when you say that not everyone has time to schedule primetime viewing. The only defense I have for cable is access to digital video recording. Other than using a DVR, I would much rather prefer watching television shows online. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not a big TV person, but I don’t have a TV in my dorm room and I don’t miss it. I just subscribed to Netflix, which I can access from my iPhone, and I barely even watch shows on that. I’m getting married soon and I don’t plan on paying for cable services because I can’t fit primetime showing into my life. I think people don’t actually considering cutting their cable because they are accustomed to having it. If everyone actually explored what the internet has to offer in means of television shows, they would definitely cut their cable.

Comment #12

Coke Tweets by Melanie Shoults

April 11, 2011

I think that it is so awesome when companies such as Coca-Cola care enough about their consumers to have a representative looking out for people with questions or concerns about their company. For some reason, it always surprises me to read tweets from large corporations because we are accustomed to seeing companies as a logo, not a company run by actual people. I think it is wise for companies to have social media customer service representatives because it not only shows that they care about their consumers, it makes the consumers feel special in knowing that a company cares enough about their consumers to answer their questions. Great job Coca-Cola! Nestle, consider hiring a social media manager. Maybe as Coca-Cola for tips :).

Comment #13

Wow Factor: Handwritten Thank You by Ron Culp

April 11, 2011

I enjoy writing hand-written thank you notes because not only is it a kind gesture, but it is also nice to switch from a keyboard to an actual pen. As president of our public relations club at Southeastern University, I always obtain the mailing addresses of our guest speakers and encourage our club members to write hand-written thank you notes. I believe they are very important because you are putting effort into saying thank you in appreciation for the effort our speakers make by speaking to college students. Living email after email can drag sometimes and who doesn’t enjoy receiving mail that is not a bill? Potential employers must be really impressed when they receive a hand-written thank you note, so write on!

Comment #14

Is Chick-fil-A Really Anti-Gay? by Mishka Campbell

April 11, 2011

I don’t think any company has the ability of pleasing every single consumer out there. Companies should be allowed to have whatever beliefs and moral system that they would like to, the same way that individuals do. If you don’t agree with they company’s beliefs/morals, don’t support them. I think that Chick-fil-A’s choice to support a marriage strengthening seminar is completely up to them and they have every right to do so. What one person sees as a good cause may differ entirely from person to person. Personally, I don’t think that Chick-fil-A hates gay people; they simply don’t support homosexuality.

Comment #15

DIY Maps by Megan Getter

April 24, 2011

Thanks for this post Megan! I hadn’t heard of Google Map Maker until I read your post. I think it would be awesome if Google partnered with a location based service like FourSquare simply so Map Maker has a greater chance at success. It’s pretty cool that you can map specific buildings out but with GPS technology being so specific, that is potential creepy but possibly helpful!

Comment #16

Twitter Gaffes: OOPSIE! by Mishka Campbell

April 25, 2011

Twitter gaffes can be hilarious some times but, of course, many people may be offended. I agree with Erin because companies that respond quickly usually aren’t the word on the street for a very long time. I’ve had spelling errors in some of the tweets that I’ve sent but re-reading my potential tweets could easily eliminate those mistakes. I don’t think it hurts to immediately send a tweet explaining your mistake and tweeting what you actually meant. Thanks for this post!


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