21st Century Beetle Ad

14 Feb

OK, there’s no denying that I am a fan of Volkswagen. Of the five cars that I have owned in my rather short driving career, four of them have been Volkswagens. I have had a New Beetle, a New Beetle Sport edition, Audi TT and am now sporting a Jetta.

Similarly to the way the New Beetle was anticipated, many are anticipating the 21st Century Beetle which is supposed to, once again, be a different body style. A Beetle is a Beetle so it is very difficult to customize such a classic vehicle. But, the Super Bowl Ad of the 21st Century Beetle put Volkswagen fans all over the world on the edge of their seats, anxious to see or even buy this vehicle. Clearly, the 21st Century Beetle ad was my favorite because, if you haven’t noticed by the beginning of this post, I am a crazy Volkswagen fanatic. This ad attracted Volkswagen fans, speed fanatics, and, I believe, a younger audience because of the graphics used in the commercial. Actually it kind of reminded me of the well-known bug movies such as Disney’s A Bug’s Life and ANTZ. Anyway, without further ado, check out this awesome commercial:


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