Rant on Social Media Monitoring

14 Feb

Social Media Monitoring is something that has to be done in order to have some sort of control or awareness of the technologies that continue to advance, in this case, social media.

Social media gives the average person the freedom to be a reporter of some sort, e-publishing their opinions, thoughts, etc. on companies, products, politicians, etc. Anyone can say practically anything they want.

Social media monitoring comes into play when that company, politician, etc. feels they have lost control of what is being said about them or they are simply curious as to what information is being said about them.

Some believe that companies should accept everything that people say and not delete or edit user comments because they are practicing freedom of speech. Others, upon finding negative or falsified information about themselves or their company, delete posts that affect them negatively.

I believe that social media monitoring is ethical to a certain extent. I think that people should be allowed to read reviews of products or services based on the experiences of others because that is a convenience that social media allows. Companies should step in if false information about their company is being spread. By monitoring social media, companies are able to post a reply to the user spreading incorrect information and correct it politely. If a disgruntled customer is ranting on about how badly a company “sucks,” the company itself can find out what exactly upset this customer and try to better their services or products. If someone posts a negative review or comment on a company’s website, it should not be deleted unless it is profane or inappropriate. If a company truly has a good product or service, the good reviews will supersede the few “Negative Nancys.”



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