Diigo-A Social Bookmarking Site

25 Mar

I had heard of social bookmarking before but I had never heard of Diigo before. I had only heard of delicious.com. Honestly, I just about confused diigo with digg. But let’s not go off on a tangent. Social Bookmarking is helpful for many reasons but here are a few that I, as a college student, can relate to:

  • Access to your bookmarks from multiple computers:

We no longer have to limit our bookmarks to one computer because with sites like Diigo, one can simply login and find all your bookmarks. It’s probably more organized than any internet browser bookmarking.

  • Ability to share bookmarks

Instead of having to send an email full of different links that you recommend that your friends look at, you can simply send them the link to your Diigo Bookmarks. Here is a link to my Diigo Bookmarks.

  • Ease of Book mark organization via Lists

If you have a set of bookmarks that you want to apply to a particular topic or group of people, make a list for easy sharing

Diigo is beneficial to students working in groups because you can bookmark all of the articles or websites that you are using for research, etc. Students can also benefit from using Diigo when making a presentation. A link to the student’s Diigo profile can help the viewer find the links used in the presentation way easier than any other method.

With that, click here to check my Diigo profile out!



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