Podcast? What for?

12 Apr

Why should a company consider using podcasts to deliver messages on behalf of their company? Some of the reasons that I see as important are as follows;

1) On-demand streaming
2) Share opinions or have discussions on topics
3) Receive feedback from listeners.

I think that churches should definitely consider having podcasts for churchgoers who aren’t always able to make it out to the service or to the online streaming.  By listening to a church podcast, I think listeners can relate better to the man standing above them and even interact with him via social media or podcast comments.

Public Relations students, or students in any degree, should listen to podcast related to their future career field. If we have access to learning about the topics that professionals in our future industry are talking about/expect us to know about, why aren’t we subscribing and listening to podcasts? I encourage you to download podcasts onto your phone and when you’re in the car and are tired of listening to that same ol’ list of songs on the radio, plug your phone in and learn while you drive!

Below are some of the podcasts that I subscribe to:

Discovery Church Audio Podcast, Orlando, FL

Inside PR

Couch to 5k


3 Responses to “Podcast? What for?”

  1. laurielea April 23, 2011 at 6:37 PM #

    Whitney, I love your suggestions about podcasts. I do agree that it is so helpful for us to be tuned in to what professionals in our field are talking about and interested in. This is a terrific and pain-free way of staying current with our career focus. I’m not sure I want to give up all of my time with music in the car, but it is a perfect time to listen to podcasts and learn great new information.


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