Looking for Entry-Level Hires? We’re Out Here!

27 Apr

Image Credit: Angel by Salih Ozovali

Employers, it is time to save paper and turn to social media for locating ideal job candidates for your business. Sure, human resources employees know the right tactics for finding the right candidates, but are they adapting to the technological advances of this generation? Today’s young professionals are constantly on social media and, at times, even use social media for their job search. Here are some things to try:

1) Set up an account on Twitter and tweet about open positions at your company. Within your tweet, include a link to a page that includes a job description, instructions for applying, online application, along with a job search hashtag. Some job search hashtags include:

    • #jobchat
    • #jobsearch
    • #entrychat

2) Post jobs on searchable job sites such as indeed.com and simplyhired.com. These two websites search several job posting sites in order to provide job seekers the most accurate search results.

3) Search for job seekers on LinkedIn. By simply typing the industry along with keywords such as student, freelance, etc., you will be able to locate many young professionals in your area.

There are many other social media methods but the above are just a few of them. Although the use of social media for hiring may be unfamiliar to you, don’t be discouraged; you will surely be able to find the young professional you are looking to hire. For more information, read this article on the use of social media within the hiring process.


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