Flash Mob for A Night on Broadway

5 Apr

As you may already know, flash mobs, a group of people who organize on the Internet and then quickly assemble in a public place to do something bizarre and disperse (as defined by Dictionary.com), are of ever-increasing popularity since they are not only unexpected, but hilarious as well.

Most flash mobs occur simply to freak people out or make people laugh but the one that I witnessed did that and a little bit more. I was in the cafeteria at Southeastern University when, out of nowhere, I heard a loud piano. At first, I thought that the speakers in the cafeteria were going crazy. Then, I glanced over and noticed that there was more occurring than simply random music playing. Check out the flash mob below:

This flash mob not only caught everyone’s attention, but also was a great marketing tool as it brought awareness about A Night on Broadway, a musical and performance concert put on by students, to everyone in the cafeteria as well as everyone who heard about it and watched the YouTube video. Southeastern’s Department of Communication was really creative when choosing to put on this flash mob. I am sure that the effectivity of the flash mob as a marketing tool will show tomorrow night during the show.


A Chat with Nancy Duarte

29 Mar

Last week, I had the opportunity to listen in on Nancy Duarte‘s keynote presentation at Southeastern University. Nancy shared the story about her company, Duarte Design, and how it got started up. She gives thanks to God for leading her and her husband from having the desire of planting a church to starting a company. Nancy’s husband latched on to the personal computer and his vision and Nancy went a long for the ride and now they are the top-of-the-line business presentation producers. Nancy shared that all of their work comes from referrals. Until the publishing of her two books, Duarte Design had done no marketing whatsoever.

Nancy’s presentation took place at 9 a.m. on Friday morning and she is such a dominant presenter that I could not help but to pay attention. She not only ensured me that I don’t really have attention deficit disorder but she also proved that good presentation skills are key to successful communication. Nancy also shared that she loves hiring people fresh out of college. That’s encouraging!

Here are some of the highlights from an overall excellent presentation:

@whitneygonzalez Think of someone you love before presenting. It changes your whole body language.@nancyduarte #comm4633

@barbaranixon RT @whitneygonzalez Know your material & bring printouts! @nancyduarte on technical failure#comm4633

@barbaranixon .@NancyDuarte discussed the imptce of college students knowing “office skills” before starting their careers.#COMM4633

@barbaranixon RT @whitneygonzalez@nancyduarte says she used to buy her suits at Goodwill in order to look the part. It’s all about how you carry yourself. #COMM4633

@whitneygonzalez STAR moments are ideal during presentations: Something They’ll Always Remember. @nancyduarte

Diigo-A Social Bookmarking Site

25 Mar

I had heard of social bookmarking before but I had never heard of Diigo before. I had only heard of delicious.com. Honestly, I just about confused diigo with digg. But let’s not go off on a tangent. Social Bookmarking is helpful for many reasons but here are a few that I, as a college student, can relate to:

  • Access to your bookmarks from multiple computers:

We no longer have to limit our bookmarks to one computer because with sites like Diigo, one can simply login and find all your bookmarks. It’s probably more organized than any internet browser bookmarking.

  • Ability to share bookmarks

Instead of having to send an email full of different links that you recommend that your friends look at, you can simply send them the link to your Diigo Bookmarks. Here is a link to my Diigo Bookmarks.

  • Ease of Book mark organization via Lists

If you have a set of bookmarks that you want to apply to a particular topic or group of people, make a list for easy sharing

Diigo is beneficial to students working in groups because you can bookmark all of the articles or websites that you are using for research, etc. Students can also benefit from using Diigo when making a presentation. A link to the student’s Diigo profile can help the viewer find the links used in the presentation way easier than any other method.

With that, click here to check my Diigo profile out!


The Benefits of Volunteering

24 Mar

My involvement in the Dick Pope/Polk County Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association has given me the opportunity to not only network with local public relations professionals, but also to volunteer at events, etc. Some people are reluctant to volunteer because they simply feel that they will be working for free and doing nothing important. Although you may, at times, be appointed to positions which you do not enjoy, such as selling raffle tickets or directing traffic, you will more than likely  have the opportunity to meet some great people and learn more than you expect to.

Last April, I volunteered at the Sun ‘N’ Fun Fly-In issuing members of the media their credentials for the event. Going into this volunteer position I didn’t really expect much except to cross names off of a list and issue name tags, but I was surprised at the number of media who were from not only all over the country, but from all over the world.

Last March, I volunteered at the National Leadership Forum at Southeastern University and although we spent countless hours greeting people, etc., I got to meet Former President George W. Bush!

Most recently, I volunteered at the Detroit Tigers’ Major League Scramble at Cleveland Heights Golf Course. I had the opportunity to meet major league baseball players as a raffle ticket salesperson. There are so many benefits to volunteering but here are some that I have encountered:

  • Free admission to exclusive events
  • Meeting celebrities
  • Learn things that are relevant to public relations
  • Ability to ask professionals questions

OK, so maybe it isn’t all about who you get to meet and all the benefits you get. It’s supposed to be all about helping out a good cause, etc. but you can’t deny all the opportunities that volunteering can get you! Get to volunteering!

Twitterville Review

20 Mar

What could be better than a book all about Twitter? I picked up Shel Israel’s Twitterville as part of a social media book assignment and enjoyed reading it. I learned a lot about Twitter’s beginnings and the different ways in which it was adopted.

Twitter can be more of a listening tool than people think. One can Twitter search their name or company’s name and obtain accurate results of what’s being said out there about them or their company. It can be just about as accurate as Google Alerts.

Although it may seem like you are tweeting to the entire twitterverse, by using @replies and DMs (direct messages) one can make Twitter as intimate as a telephone conversation.

One thing that stood out from Twitterville was the Google “sucks” test. If you type your name or company’s name in Google and type “sucks” after it and a lot of results return, you just may “suck.”

Overall, Twitterville was a great book and anyone that has an interest in social media can benefit from reading this book. By learning about Twitter from a slightly different angle, students can benefit upon searching for a career in social media because they will be familiar with everything Twitter.

PROpen Mic: The Networking site for PR Students, Faculty, and Pros

19 Mar

PR Open Mic basically serves as a Facebook for public relations students, faculty and professionals. New members are encouraged to add a picture of themselves and invite their friends to join the website as well. On the home page of PR Open Mic, there are recent PR news and one can access videos as well as featured members. There is a section that shows the latest activity of members and there is a list of recent job and internship posts.

By creating a profile on PR Open Mic, college students and recent college graduates are exposing themselves to peers, professionals and potential employers in the public relations career field. PR Open Mic allows students and recent graduates to connect with people they may have gone to school with or those who might become their colleagues.

Since potential employers now tend to Google applicants, PR Open Mic can aid them in finding you and viewing your PR connections, experience, as well as your professionalism and PR work.

I encourage every single public relations student to try PR Open Mic out!

Take a look at my PR Open Mic Profile!

Let’s Play Foursquare!

17 Mar

I’m sure that most of you remember the good ol’ days when we played four square at recess. I remember drawing the squares with a white rock and always calling square number one. But, like most other outdoor activities, children aren’t playing four square anymore. They have switched over to computers or their game console. Just as these children have transitioned, four square has become foursquare. Well, not exactly, but sort of!

Foursquare is a location-based service in which users can “check-in” to the places they go and, if they have added friends, their friends can see where they are. Often, people synchronize their foursquare account with their Facebook and Twitter so that people are alerted of that cool new restaurant that their friend is having dinner at.

Companies can claim their venue on foursquare and alert those who are nearby, or those who check-in, of specials. Here are some examples of specials:

“Free appetizer for every third check-in”

“20% off smoothies when you present this check-in”

“Free drink for the mayor”

Whoever checks in the most to a particular venue becomes the mayor. This is a great way for companies to really get to know their regulars and give them freebies for continually visiting their venue and advertising their visit to their social networks.

Like any other social network, using foursquare can potentially be dangerous for individuals. Since it is a location-based service, people can find out your GPS location almost exactly. Be careful where you check-in! I wouldn’t check-in at “my house” because I would be telling the world where I sleep at night. Also, don’t check-in at potentially dangerous locations when you are alone.