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Elements of Publicity Tool Kit

24 Mar

Chapter 6 Notes

A publicity tool kit consists of the following:

  • Fact Sheet
  • Media Advisory
  • Media Kit

All of ¬†these help companies capture the attention of the media and persuade them to expose the company’s product, etc., to the public.

Fact Sheet

It is self-explanatory. It is a list of facts that provide a quick overview of the company of product and is easy to refer to.

A fact sheet for an upcoming event should include:

  • the name of the event
  • its sponsor
  • the location
  • the date and time
  • the purpose of the event the expected attendance
  • a list of any prominent people attending
  • unusual aspects of the even that make it newsworthy

A corporate fact sheet, or corporate profile, provides facts about an organization and should include:

  • organization’s name
  • products or services produced
  • organization’s annual revenues
  • total number of employees
  • names of top executives
  • markets served
  • position in the industry
  • other pertinent details

There are also fact sheets made for individual products. These should include:

  • nutrition information
  • production process
  • pricing
  • availability
  • convenience
  • how it serves a consumer need

Media Advisories

Media advisories, also known as media alerts, serve to alert editors of upcoming event that require media coverage. They are usually bulleted items detailing the time, date, location, etc. and are sent out a couple of weeks prior to an event.

The typical media advisory looks like the one below:

Media Kits

Another way to grab an editors attention is a media kit, also referred to as a press kit. A media kit provides general information about an event or product launch. There are many ways to be creative when making a media kit but the basic media kits include the following:

  • main news release
  • news features
  • fact sheet
  • background information
  • photos or drawings with captions
  • biographical materials on the senior executive, etc.
  • basic brochures

Some media kits may even include samples of the product and similar freebies in order for the editor to become familiar with the product and develop his or her own opinion about it.

A typical media kit comes in a 9 by 12 inch folder but some companies prefer to make a package or something that catches an editor’s eye. Electronic Media kits are also popular and usually come in a compact disk.

Here are images of a media kit produced by Kraken Rum:

For more notes on how to put together a publicity tool kit, check out Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by

Dennis L Wilcox.