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One Week of Twitter

24 Feb

In order to learn some ways in which Twitter can help college students, who are majoring in public relations, network with PR professionals, acquire internships or jobs, and simply communicate ideas, the students in Barbara Nixon’s Public Relations Writing class were to tweet for one week as an assignment.

As a user of Twitter merely to communicate with friends socially, I thought that this assignment was great. I did learn that there is a totally different aspect of Twitter when I started to follow professionals who are working in the field that I plan to develop a career in.  By communicating with professionals through Twitter, I can not only learn what these professionals do exactly but I can also get a job or internship lined up.

Just as relationships can develop between a blog writer and the subscribers to that blog, tweeps can communicate and develop relationship through time. They can learn from each other’s career experiences and further their own career.

PR professionals also post links to articles that relate to their career field. When Google Buzz came around, the majority of the professionals that the professor recommended that we follow on Twitter were talking about it. Some enjoyed Google Buzz and others shared how it lacked privacy security and shared that personal information was being revealed. Overall they all shared their opinions and other recommended it to the Twitter followers or opposed the Google Buzz hype.

When one seeks an opinion from someone, one can simply ask a question on Twitter and receive answers from followers. On Twitter I noticed how I was attached to the knowledge of those who I follow and my followers. Twitter enables me to access real life people from my computer as opposed to handing out surveys and awaiting results that might never come.

I will continue to tweet long after this assignment and look forward to learning different things that I can do via Twitter to develop not only my social connections, but my professional career as well.

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