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What Makes this Newsworthy?

16 Feb

From my own perspective, stories are news worthy if they have one of the following characteristics:

  • It is a new topic, technology, method, etc.
  • It is recent or occurred recently
  • It is interesting
  • It is proximate, or nearby where it is being published

According to a post called What Makes Something Newsworthy, newsworthiness is determined by these factors:

  • Conflict- an unresolved issue is involved
  • Loss- death, property damage, catastrophe
  • Proximity- closeby
  • Prominence- involving well-known or famous people
  • Timeliness- reported soon after the occurrence, etc.

I knew a couple of these before doing some brief research but those which I had not thought of were conflict, loss, and prominence. These are all topics of interest that people would like to be informed off. Perhaps the person in the story is someone’s role model or favorite public figure. In the occasion of natural disasters, and the like, people would like to be informed of the death toll, total damage, and critical situations.

Overall a story is newsworthy if the public has the desire to read about it or is curious to know about it.