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Social Media Interaction

25 Jan

Just like all the other things that are far greater on the Internet, social networking has become extremely popular. Most people, including myself,  have said goodbye to their little black book of addresses and phone numbers and simply added their friend’s profile to their friends list on a social networking website.

 The ever so popular Facebook , developed by two college students, is well-known worldwide with the largest percentage of users outside of the United States! I’ve had a facebook since my senior year of high school and it has gradually become my site of choice.

The idea of Twitter may seem very redundant since all one does is answer the question “What are you doing?” It actually gives a user, or “tweeter,” a substantial amount of information. Personally, I subscribe to, or “follow,” news reporting tweets, sports tweets, my favorite musical artists, as well as companies or persons of interest. I’ve been tweeting since April of 2009 and I even tweet directly from my BlackBerry smartphone.

Myspace is the networking site that I have been a member of since my mid teen years. I used to be on myspace all the time but now find myself visiting it only a couple times a month. The main reason I still am a member is to keep up with my friends from high school that have yet to get a facebook.

I have never had a weblog before because I was not sure what I would write about. Now that I have gotten a little bit of exposure to blogging, it actually seems quite enjoyable and I look forward to blogging a lot in the future.