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NewsUniversity–The Lead Lab

3 Mar

News University’s The Lead Lab course was a great refresher to my knowledge of developing leads. The section that I found the most helpful was the “Explode Writing Myths.” I was able to acknowledge the myths that I had heard and learn that  it’s okay to begin a lead with a quote, etc.

The Lead Lab reemphasized the necessity of describing the five W’s in a lead as well as the “so what?” I find the “so what” section interesting because it may be overlooked sometimes and cause our news releases/news stories to disposed of because the editor cannot distinguish who would care about that particular story. It is definitely a good point to remember in order to get published.

The “Types of Leads” quiz helped me identify what types of leads were displayed. By knowing how to identify the types of leads, I am able to understand what kind of leads are appropriate for certain kinds of stories.

Although the basics of writing leads seem very simple, I feel as though the Lead Lab should have provided more sections of discussion. It was rather brief but straightforward as well.