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Podcast? What for?

12 Apr

Why should a company consider using podcasts to deliver messages on behalf of their company? Some of the reasons that I see as important are as follows;

1) On-demand streaming
2) Share opinions or have discussions on topics
3) Receive feedback from listeners.

I think that churches should definitely consider having podcasts for churchgoers who aren’t always able to make it out to the service or to the online streaming.  By listening to a church podcast, I think listeners can relate better to the man standing above them and even interact with him via social media or podcast comments.

Public Relations students, or students in any degree, should listen to podcast related to their future career field. If we have access to learning about the topics that professionals in our future industry are talking about/expect us to know about, why aren’t we subscribing and listening to podcasts? I encourage you to download podcasts onto your phone and when you’re in the car and are tired of listening to that same ol’ list of songs on the radio, plug your phone in and learn while you drive!

Below are some of the podcasts that I subscribe to:

Discovery Church Audio Podcast, Orlando, FL

Inside PR

Couch to 5k


The Tornado at Sun N Fun

12 Apr

March 31, 2011 was an extremely interesting day for me. My plans were to volunteer at the Media Room at the Sun N Fun International Fly-In & Expo. I was prepared for a day composed mostly of welcome media to the Fly-In and issuing credentials repeatedly. That was not the case.

It was a gloomy day as clouds darkened the Lakeland, FL skies and there was a very high chance of precipitation. My thoughts: “Just another rainy Florida day.” After getting lost while trying to locate the Media Registration trailer, I was feeling exhausted. I finally arrived at the trailer and very few media came to the trailer for registration; they were probably sleeping in because of the rain. After an hour or two of sitting and conversing with Danny Kushmer, among others, Danny suggested I run back to the Media Room to take a lunch break. Little did I know, Danny was sending me to shelter.

I arrived at the room which was full of tables and chairs for the media to relax and eat lunch. Twenty minutes may have gone buy until it began to drizzle. The Media Room populated pretty quickly as media took shelter from the rain. Before we knew it, the lights started flickering and it began to pour. It turned from a semi-bright cloudy day to complete darkness. This weather was normal for me, having lived in Florida for over 13 years, but the media in the room were from all over the nation and globe and were definitely not used to this sort of weather.

OK, so you may be wondering how this post has anything to do with public relations. The truth is, I got first-hand exposure to media reacting to the crisis that was occuring at Sun N Fun. Journalists were drafting stories, making phone calls, publishing on social media outlets, etc. I tweeted the entire time (I must say, I contributed to #lkld becoming a trending topic on Twitter that day). After the storm calmed just slightly, reporters ran outside with cameras searching for any damaged aircraft, etc. At one point I was next to a Polk County Sheriff who was being interviewed in person and over the phone. She provided nothing more than the most accurate information. Erroneous reports of a building collapsing got out on websites and social media. Turns out that an exhibitor tent had collapsed and only a few minor injuries occurred.

I volunteer to help causes, meet new people, gain experience, etc. but what I witnessed in the Media Room on March 31, 2011 was a learning experience and much more.

Guest Blogger Megan Getter on Widgets & Badges

10 Apr
It’s Guest Blogger Week! Our guest is Megan Getter of Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL. She is studying Public Relations, Interpersonal Communication as well as minoring in English. Check out her blog, Waves and Ripples!

Widgets, and badges, and more: Oh my!

It’s not as much fun to say as lions, and tigers, and bears, but I’ll explain why they can be more helpful than carnivorous mammals.

lions and tigers and bears 

Image Credit: “Pick me! Pick me!” By captainxo

A few things you should know before we get started…


First, according to Wikipedia, a widget is “a stand-alone application that can be embedded into third party sites by any user on a page where they have rights of authorship (user can edit coding of page).”


I use widgets a lot on this blog. If you look on the right side, each of the different items is a widget enabled by the blog theme. There’s a widget at the bottom of the page too! (See word clouds.)


Second, also according to Wikipedia, a badge is “a small image used on websites to promote web standards, products used in the creation of a web page or product, to indicate a specific content license that is applied to the content or design of a website.”

Think of badges as bling or flair. You can show of all the cool stuff that means something to you.


HTML5 Powered with Connectivity / Realtime, CSS3 / Styling, and Graphics, 3D & Effects

I got this badge off the HTML5 logo creation site. You often have to click on the badge to find out what it means. Maybe you should do that for this one too! ;)


For a company or nonprofit, the use of badges and widgets can come in handy. A company can create a badge or widget for others to display on their website. For donating to a cause, someone could get a “giving badge” to share.

A widget can be created to provide a special service to either clients or potential customers. Think industry news! Or a countdown till the release of a book, movie, or event. People love to display widgets (gadgets for windows) on their desktop and blog, so make sure whatever you create is versatile.

Flash Mob for A Night on Broadway

5 Apr

As you may already know, flash mobs, a group of people who organize on the Internet and then quickly assemble in a public place to do something bizarre and disperse (as defined by Dictionary.com), are of ever-increasing popularity since they are not only unexpected, but hilarious as well.

Most flash mobs occur simply to freak people out or make people laugh but the one that I witnessed did that and a little bit more. I was in the cafeteria at Southeastern University when, out of nowhere, I heard a loud piano. At first, I thought that the speakers in the cafeteria were going crazy. Then, I glanced over and noticed that there was more occurring than simply random music playing. Check out the flash mob below:

This flash mob not only caught everyone’s attention, but also was a great marketing tool as it brought awareness about A Night on Broadway, a musical and performance concert put on by students, to everyone in the cafeteria as well as everyone who heard about it and watched the YouTube video. Southeastern’s Department of Communication was really creative when choosing to put on this flash mob. I am sure that the effectivity of the flash mob as a marketing tool will show tomorrow night during the show.

Let’s Play Foursquare!

17 Mar

I’m sure that most of you remember the good ol’ days when we played four square at recess. I remember drawing the squares with a white rock and always calling square number one. But, like most other outdoor activities, children aren’t playing four square anymore. They have switched over to computers or their game console. Just as these children have transitioned, four square has become foursquare. Well, not exactly, but sort of!

Foursquare is a location-based service in which users can “check-in” to the places they go and, if they have added friends, their friends can see where they are. Often, people synchronize their foursquare account with their Facebook and Twitter so that people are alerted of that cool new restaurant that their friend is having dinner at.

Companies can claim their venue on foursquare and alert those who are nearby, or those who check-in, of specials. Here are some examples of specials:

“Free appetizer for every third check-in”

“20% off smoothies when you present this check-in”

“Free drink for the mayor”

Whoever checks in the most to a particular venue becomes the mayor. This is a great way for companies to really get to know their regulars and give them freebies for continually visiting their venue and advertising their visit to their social networks.

Like any other social network, using foursquare can potentially be dangerous for individuals. Since it is a location-based service, people can find out your GPS location almost exactly. Be careful where you check-in! I wouldn’t check-in at “my house” because I would be telling the world where I sleep at night. Also, don’t check-in at potentially dangerous locations when you are alone.

Social Fresh Tampa 2011

25 Feb

This week I had the privilege of attending a two-day social media conference in Tampa, FL called Social Fresh. It was an enormous learning and networking opportunity for me as well as any other person that attended. It was awesome to be in a room full of hundreds of people that are as passionate about public relations and social media as I am/hope to be. Social Fresh Tampa kicked off with a Facebook Masters Training in which several speakers such as Justin Levy, Corey Creed, Chris Penn, etc., spoke about using Facebook Marketing Tools for business purposes and the different methods in which to do it successfully.

The second day of Social Fresh consisted of social media training with speakers such as Paula Berg, Schneider Mike and more. On day 2, there were many Q & A sessions that addressed the questions that the audience had. There was great interactivity between the panel and the audience.

Twitter played a big part in Social Fresh Tampa. The #socialfresh feed was constantly flowing during the conference and over 7000 tweets were sent during Social Fresh Tampa. Thanks to Twitter, I was able to meet plenty of people, not only online, but I was also able to meet them in person during breaks. I now know a plethora of PR professionals whom I have actually met IRL (In Real LIfe) and have gotten lots of contact information which will be beneficial for me when I dive into the job market or desire to explore social media with real case studies.

I would recommend Social Fresh to anyone who is interested in social media and guarantee that they will not only have a good time meeting people, but also learn a whole lot of information! For links to the presentations shared at Social Fresh Tampa, check out Katy Widrick’s recap post by clicking here.

One Week of Twitter

24 Feb

In order to learn some ways in which Twitter can help college students, who are majoring in public relations, network with PR professionals, acquire internships or jobs, and simply communicate ideas, the students in Barbara Nixon’s Public Relations Writing class were to tweet for one week as an assignment.

As a user of Twitter merely to communicate with friends socially, I thought that this assignment was great. I did learn that there is a totally different aspect of Twitter when I started to follow professionals who are working in the field that I plan to develop a career in.  By communicating with professionals through Twitter, I can not only learn what these professionals do exactly but I can also get a job or internship lined up.

Just as relationships can develop between a blog writer and the subscribers to that blog, tweeps can communicate and develop relationship through time. They can learn from each other’s career experiences and further their own career.

PR professionals also post links to articles that relate to their career field. When Google Buzz came around, the majority of the professionals that the professor recommended that we follow on Twitter were talking about it. Some enjoyed Google Buzz and others shared how it lacked privacy security and shared that personal information was being revealed. Overall they all shared their opinions and other recommended it to the Twitter followers or opposed the Google Buzz hype.

When one seeks an opinion from someone, one can simply ask a question on Twitter and receive answers from followers. On Twitter I noticed how I was attached to the knowledge of those who I follow and my followers. Twitter enables me to access real life people from my computer as opposed to handing out surveys and awaiting results that might never come.

I will continue to tweet long after this assignment and look forward to learning different things that I can do via Twitter to develop not only my social connections, but my professional career as well.

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