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Her Red Nail Polish

17 Feb

I still remember painting her nails with bright red nail polish. I remember brushing her hair and admiring her experiences in life. Our visits to Puerto Rico consisted mainly of time spent with her. I can’t ¬†possibly forget her love for her children and grandchildren; and of course the love towards the dogs she would hate to leave to go on vacation.

My grandmother lost her life due to cardiac arrest right before my high school graduation in 2007. I remember my mom telling me she called saying that she received the invitation to my graduation. But within a few days, I received the invitation to her funeral. It was really devastating news. I was unable to attend her funeral because I would have been unable to graduate so it, to this day, feels unreal to me. I have yet to return to the Caribbean island because I fear the emptiness I will feel. I recently received the news that her former home will be demolished due to further advancement of the area. Although the physical home will be gone, I still hold all the memories dear to my heart.

My favorite nail polish color is red. Bright red. Each time I paint my nails I remember her. I re-live the memories and either smile or draw tears to my eyes. In this small act that may, to some, seem meaningless, I remember my grandmother and I enjoy sharing why my nails are painted red most of the time.