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Comments Please!!

1 Feb

Everyone wants to get comments on their blog posts! But besides that fact, comments provide the author with the opinions of others which may be completely different than their own. Someone’s comment can even shape the perception of the author and affect the author’s next post entirely.

Commenting on the blogs of others shows involvement in the blogging community and can earn an author more readers. If one comments on a blog post, and another reader agrees with your opinion, they are very likely to read your posts and maybe even subscribe to your blog. This makes the blogger become more involved in the “community” as well as a successful blogger.

Some tips on commenting are as follows;

Make sure you stay on topic, there is nothing more annoying than an irrelevent blog comment.

Read the comments of others so you don’t repeat what has been said numerous times.

Ensure that you use proper style and grammar which portrays professionalism.

Don’t simply agree or disagree but engage in conversation by providing the reasons behind your opinion. This may either increase or decrease your number of subscribers given that they agree or disagree with your opinion.


Apply these tips and engage in commenting on others’ blogs and you will eventually become a successful blogger!